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    DQWorld.net - a FREE gamefied platform offering DQ education and assessment to Schools

    Resource by Anthony E

    www.DQWorld.net is a free self-learning gamefied platform for children 8-12 to learn 8 DQ Citizenship Skills: Digital Citizen Identity, Screen Time Management, Cyber Bullying Management, Cyber Security Management, Digital Empathy, Critical Thinking, Digital Footprint Management and Privacy Management.

    Resource files


    IQ EQ DQ - Our children's most critical life skill

    Uploaded Wednesday, June 14 2017 / Children will be able to measure their ability and command of digital media – helping to combat their exposure to dangers such as radicalization, fake news, online grooming and cyber-bullying.


    DQ Institute

    Uploaded Digital Intelligence (DQ) is the sum of social, emotional, and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life. Now any child can learn via our proven online platform!