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    Latest comments

    The English spelling system (ESS) is at the core of what is being learned in the first few years at school. Literacy is what underlies a lot of the learning therafter. Yet, the ESS is such a flawed spelling system that Orwell described it as being "tormentous" and Einstein, as "treacherous". Even computers found it to be lacking, if it was not obvious already. And, yet, we keep using the same poor system AND changing everything around it. Is painting a car that has faulty wheels and brakes going to fix a car? Would we blame the painter or the driver for the accident? That is essentially what we have been doing for decades. There are many reports that the successes of the Chinese and the Korean on PISA tests are based on selection of students (the best) and extreme learning. As to Finland, it has one of the best spelling systems of all Western languages. Not a coincidence? There are other variables. There are many research, which I use to make a case for a drastic spelling reform (mitigating ALL 16 "issues" that are often cited as preventing one): https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-most-controversial-or-unpopular-opinions/answer/John-Katt. The main advantages (other than close to 3 year gains in acquisition speed and higher literacy rates) would be to support a student-centered pedagogy --the holy grail of most gurus-- to which the article alludes to and better social mobility rates. Otherwise, we could keep painting the faulty car and keep blaming the painter, the driver (and the passengers) when it is not running as it should. When it is that bad, we usually get a recall and if I recall correctly, it has been a 250 years' wait. The status quo or some tweekings are easier. They do not seem to work? Well! Is painting the car the right fix? Teachers are so lazy. Kids are so spoiled! And the rest of us? NiMBY anyone? More info at http://reforming-english.blogspot.com/

    — Peter Mare on Sir Ken Speaks Out: Our School System Crushes The Will To Learn