Hunter is a Senior Lecturer at Massey University’s Institute of Education.

Her research covers the areas of mathematics, education and Pacific education.

She is also a member of the Ministerial Advisory Group developing a 10-year Strategic Plan for Early Learning.

Dr Jodie Hunter was formerly a member of the Ministry of Education’s Mathematics and Statistics/Pāngarau Reference Group (2015–2016).

She is a former primary school teacher and past President of Auckland Primary Mathematics Association (2006-2008).

She holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from Plymouth University in the UK and a Masters of Education from Massey University.

“Dr Hunter’s research with her mother, Professor Roberta Hunter, is at the forefront of current work on culturally responsive teaching approaches that reflect identity, language and culture whilst building strong partnerships with parents and communities," the associate minister said.

"This research has received international recognition.

“I am delighted to welcome Dr Hunter to the Board.

"She brings valued experience and a unique perspective to the role.

“I also want to acknowledge and thank the previous appointee, Pania Gray, whose governance expertise has added significant value to the Board over the last four years.”

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