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We invite you to RESCON NZ 2018 to be held at Ormiston Senior College, Auckland on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September 2018.

  • Learn the Newest Strategies to Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day.
  • Reaching Dreadfully Unmotivated Students • Reaching Struggling Students
  • Teenage Students: How To Reach Them So You Can Teach Them
  • Leading Every Student from Mediocrity to Mastery
  • Deliver the Right Instruction to the Right Students at the Right Time
  • Reaching Students with Microsoft and Google Tools
  • Four Hot Tech Tools That Enable You to Reach Every Student

Knowing more about your students and what they understand or don’t understand helps to build those important relationships and provides evidence of reasons to reach out and support them.

We invite you to watch Jon Bergmann’s video about why this important move has been made globally.... https://youtu.be/IbHw4tMOClY


Take a look at the comprehensive program @ http://www.resconnz.com

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