It’s about a whole range of interesting and unique approaches as to how leaders, teachers, trainers and businesses are educating others, be it at home, in school, at a retreat or specialised venue, on the job, or any other context where those with experience in life create valuable and meaningful learning experiences for others.

We’re at a pivotal moment in history. Technology has suddenly impacted on everything that we do, so as the world rapidly changes how does education need to change to remain relevant? Does it digitise? Or does it take a step back into more traditional approaches?

Or are we yet to really discover and understand what the next step forward is in education? This is just one of many great topics I’ve been able to cover with my guests, with the overall aim of discovering some really effective and powerful learning experiences.

I’ve tried to keep the interviews as diverse as possible, covering:




Workplace Training

Outdoor Education

Theatre & Performance

I hope you enjoy Season 1 of the podcast. This has been a challenging and interesting learning experience for me as well and I look forward to people’s feedback.

The full guest list is below and links and show notes will be added on the Xperiential Education website as each episode goes to air.

Season 1 (not in episode order)

Cyn Smith – Tihoi Venture School - NZ

Adrian Deakes – V&A Museum – London

Dr Brendan Nelson – Australian War Memorial – Canberra

Rebecca Cameron – Former Australian Federal Police Officer

Matt Purcell – GovHack - Canberra Grammar

Glenys Thompson – Australian Science & Mathematics School – Adelaide

Mary Preece – Bundanon Trust

Noel Mifsud – Antarctic Adventures & Christian Brothers College – Adelaide

Tim Nolan – Wesley College Clunes – Victoria

Some of the ideas that these great educational leaders have shared with me are truly amazing. Please send me a message me with any feedback, ideas or guest suggestions for Season 2. I look forward to sharing with you some great insights into learning through doing and hope you can use them in your own work!