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    The Advantages of using SMART boards in the classroom for 12K teachers

    By Lumme
    Community contribution / October 31, 2017

    We’re going to explore what the actual advantages of using the SMART board in your classroom so that you at least have all those facts to weigh against the effort of learning how to use these bad boys.

    School news / Overloaded Learning Support specialists vote to strike

    Another round of strike action is set to take place with NZEI TE Riu Roa members who are Learning Support specialists, employed directly by the Ministry of Education, voting to strike for a day on Tuesday 21 August.

    Policy / Restoring teachers to their own council moves one step closer

    The Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa) Amendment Bill has passed its second reading, bringing New Zealand “one step closer to restoring the voice of teachers to their own professional body,” according to Education Minister Chris Hipkins.

    Leadership / The transformational change fallacy

    Recently we were working with a group of principals when one of them lamented that her bosses at the Department were on her case as she wasn’t being "transformational" enough in her role as a school leader.

    School news / Strong show of teacher support at rallies and events across the country

    The highly-anticipated strike by primary teachers and principals has come and gone – but the outcome of their collective bargaining negotiations with the Ministry of Education remains to be seen.

    Leadership / Is self-sabotage preventing you from becoming a leader in your school?

    For those who aspire to roles of leadership in the education sector, it can seem like having a few degrees and a set number of years under your belt should be enough to provide the trigger to begin your climb up the ladder. Yet leadership is a mor...

    Leadership / Victorian school shares the power of Positive Education

    In 2014, Geelong Grammar School (GGS) became the world’s first to add an on-campus research, training and development centre, which became known as the Institute of Positive Education. The institute streamlines an approach kicked off in 2008 that ...

    School news / Back-up activities to get through bad weather

    Having a treasure trove of various activities close at hand, and some imaginative prizes, can be a god-send for when circumstances or mother nature are against you.

    School news / Educators out in force with heart-felt messages and humour

    Primary school teachers, principals and their supporters were out in force today for their first strike in 24 years.

    School news / Pay equity settlement for support workers in sight

    The end is in sight for a group of Ministry of Education-employed support workers on a 12 year journey to achieve pay equity.

    School news / It's time - principals and teachers strike for the first time in two decades

    Today’s the big day for the nation’s primary school teachers and principals as they undertake their first strike in 24 years.


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