The Advantages of using SMART boards in the classroom for 12K teachers

By Lumme
Community contribution / October 31, 2017

We’re going to explore what the actual advantages of using the SMART board in your classroom so that you at least have all those facts to weigh against the effort of learning how to use these bad boys.

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It all began with a quick trip to Lismore. I found myself nominated as a finalist for the Alumni of The Year at one of my old unis. (If you’re wondering, I went to three different ones, if you’re not well… it’s too late now!) It was a nice feeling...

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No teacher should ever be allowed to go back to the school that he or she attended as a student! No, seriously, they shouldn’t be allowed even into an interview. You’re just asking for problems.

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Decision-making is something that most teachers love to control and who can blame them! How could you possibly trust kids to make any sort of decision for themselves? Have you seen what their rooms look like at the end of a week? Kids struggle to ...

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