WELLINGTON, Aug 27 NZN - The plan was unveiled by party leader Bill English and education spokeswoman Nikki Kaye at National's campaign launch on Sunday.

"Now that the books are in surplus we want to invest more to help our young people embrace the tremendous opportunities New Zealand has through the next 50 years," English said.

Kaye said the target was to have 80 per cent of 13-year-olds at or above National Standards in maths by 2021.

"And we'll give our schools and teachers the tools they need to succeed," she pledged.

The package is designed to:

* Give every primary school student the opportunity to learn a second language

* Improve the maths skills of primary school students by upskilling teachers, providing additional classroomresources like digital apps, and delivering intensive support for students who need it

* Create Digital Academies and Digital Internships to give Year 12 and 13 students practical, work-based learning opportunities that are a springboard into careers in the IT sector

* Extend National Standards to provide much more detailed information about how children are progressing throughout the year - information that can be accessed immediately online by children and their parents.