New Zealand’s Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) Establishing Teachers’ Committee (ETC) is in place to help prevent teachers feeling overwhelmed and out of their depth when they start working.

PPTA advisor for the ETC Tom Haig says one of the main roles of ETC is to ensure every secondary school in New Zealand has a representative in their first 10 years of teaching who acts as a point of contact for new teachers. 

“These representatives then organise networking events and run professional development courses, and they also advocate to the PPTA executive on issues that may affect beginner teachers,” Haig adds. 

From April 8-10, the PPTA Network of Establishing Teachers’ (NETs) Conference will take place at Auckland’s Long Bay, targeted at 60 new teachers – although some may have up to 10 years experience.   

The ETC developed the programme for the three day conference, staged at Vaughan Centre on the North Shore, in the hope it would be useful for teachers in the early stages of their career, Haig explains. 

“There will be opportunities for sharing curriculum ideas and learning plans – and there is a great emphasis on networking … there will be teachers there with varying degrees of experience and those who can, will be able to share their knowledge with new teachers.” 

Among the keynote speakers at the conference will be Margaret Ross, a renowned classroom management guru, who will look at issues including practical management inside and outside the classroom. 

Other speakers are Ian Vickers, who will focus on teacher wellbeing; NZ’s chief censor Dr Andrew Jack; and Claire Amos, an expert in e-learning. 

“Claire will look at technology and 21st century learning … there is an assumption that young teachers know all about it but there is a lot more to it including digital pedagogy,” Haig says. 

Beginner teachers will be exposed to many ideas and programmes at the conference, but Haig says he also hoped it would help teachers feel part of a wider community. 

“Often new teachers feel isolated but there are many people going through the same things they are experiencing.” 

He also said teachers would be made aware of the PPTA and its role, to ensure they understood current issues impacting education. 

NETs Conference 

When: April 8-10 
Where: Vaughan Centre, Long Bay, Auckland 
Registration has closed but for more information, contact Tom Haig: