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    Experience Comvita

    Excursion / Last updated 1 year ago

    Experience Comvita is a very special place, a classroom dedicated to nature and the magnificent honeybee. At Experience Comvita students learn by discovery, interacting in a stimulating and fun environment. Experience Comvita runs guided tours, where you will discover the world of the honey bee and the wonder of nature’s intelligence.

    You’ll enter the Tane’s Forest and explore the healing power of nature through New Zealand’s native plants, including the nature’s first aid kit; Manuka.
    See the world through the eyes of a honey bee and learn how they share the gifts of nature with us. In the virtual beehive, immerse yourself in extraordinary harmony their world.
    Learn how Comvita extracts and processes the natural harvest from the hives to create health and wellbeing products of the highest purity to enhance your quality of life.
    The tour concludes in the Wellness Room, a place to reconnect with nature’s intelligence, and reflect on how we can learn from the bees and live healthier lives.

    Our guided tour education programmes are designed to help students achieve specific learning outcomes at different levels, and link to the New Zealand curriculum in the areas of science, health education and social sciences:

    Science; Nature of Science and Living World:
    Students learn about living things, how they interact with each other and the environment (Ministry of Education, 2007).

    Health Education:
    Students develop their understanding of the factors that influence the health of individuals, groups and society (Ministry of Education, 2007).

    Social Sciences:
    Students learn about people, places, cultures and histories within New Zealand. Students learn the relationships that exist between people and the environment (Ministry of Education, 2007).

    The tour commentary can be tailored to suit the needs of your class, or to a specific focus. We also have programmes available for Secondary School Business and Tourism studies.

    Drew Copestake
    07 533 1746
    23 Wilson Road South, Paengaroa
    Te Puke
    New Zealand