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    Number of the Day Bundle

    Category Worksheet
    Subjects & Topics "Mathematics", "Mathematics / Number"
    Year Levels Foundation, Year 1, Year 2
    Product Rating
    1 votes

    Resource Description

    Aimed at a Year 1 class, however could be used in Kindergarten or Year 2 by simply choosing easier or harder numbers. Teachers pick a number for the day and students get daily practise recording numbers on a hundreds chart, writing the number before and after, writing the number as a word, identifying odd and even numbers, using tens frames and using place value. Laminate to reuse each day and watch your students develop confidence using numbers.
    • Files included (8)

    Number of the Day 6 Extension.pdf
    pdf, 705.1 KB
    Number of the Day 5 Extension.pdf
    pdf, 767.2 KB
    Number of the Day 5.pdf
    pdf, 478.4 KB
    Number of the Day 6.pdf
    pdf, 493.3 KB
    Number of the Day 4.pdf
    pdf, 306.0 KB
    Number of the Day 3.pdf
    pdf, 287.6 KB
    Number of the Day 2.pdf
    pdf, 299.7 KB
    Number of the Day 1.pdf
    pdf, 283.9 KB