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    Teacher-friendly Playing for Life resources

    The Australian Sports Commission’s Playing for Life resources for teachers are now online and align to the National Health and Physical Education curriculum.

    Resource files


    Activity Focus: Warm Up Games

    These cards are used to either start a session (to form groups), as a warm up, an energiser, to encourage cooperative play or as an introduction to Skill Development or Game Concepts.


    Activity Focus: Skill Development

    These activities form part of the content for the main part of your session and are designed to develop skills required for sports based activities and games.


    Activity Focus: Game Concepts

    The game concepts category includes games that help players gain an understanding of tactics in games and helps promote the development of ‘thinking players’ by developing cognitive skills and fostering communication. You can use these to form the main part of your session.


    Activity Focus: Finish Up

    Use these activities to build an appropriate conclusion to your session. You can choose physical and non-physical activities depending on your needs.


    Online Playing for Life Resources

    Uploaded Sporting Schools is based on the Playing for Life philosophy, which encourages children to have fun and get active by focusing on skills not drills. By focusing on having fun, having a go and getting active, Sporting Schools aims to provide children with positive sporting experiences to help develop a lifelong interest in sport. It is based on the Game Sense approach, with the objective to develop in school-aged children a love of physical activity that will encourage them to play for life. All activities are game-based and generate a safe, inclusive and challenging environment. The Australian Sports Commission has developed free resources to assist teachers to deliver Playing for Life style sessions.