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    Teacher-friendly Playing for Life resources

    Category Activity
    Year Levels Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
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    Resource Description

    The resources can be used to assist in the delivery of Health and Physical Education, short physical activities and classroom energisers, and lunchtime/break activities.

    The online resources include links to curriculum content descriptions, learning intentions, and the skill focus for each activity. 

    Go to the Sporting Schools website under Resources to download the Playing for Life materials.

    Searching for an activity is easy – you can search via a number of categories including skill focus, game category, or the band level that you are teaching from Foundation to Year 6.

    Remember! Games are designed to be fun and inclusive of all abilities, and are flexible so that any sporting activity can be adapted for different spaces and equipment.

    The Australian Sports Commission’s Playing for Life resources for teachers are now online and align to the National Health and Physical Education curriculum.

    The resources can be used to assist in the delivery of:

    • Health and Physical Education

    • Short physical activities and classroom energisers

    • Lunchtime/break activities


    • Files included (5)

    Activity Focus: Warm Up Games
    pdf, 5.3 MB
    Activity Focus: Skill Development
    pdf, 11.9 MB
    Activity Focus: Game Concepts
    pdf, 4.2 MB
    Activity Focus: Finish Up
    pdf, 1.4 MB
    Online Playing for Life Resources
    External url