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    Lesson plan for K-2: Create a Star Studded Bulletin Board for August

    Resource by EducationHQ News Team

    What you use to motivate your students to read can also double as a permanent classroom decoration this school year.

    Create a star-studded bulletin board that awards kids for reading books on their own.
    Start by taking a photograph of each child in your class and posting it on the bulletin board. Title the bulletin board “Star Readers” and be sure each child’s picture is posted.
    Then, show your students how to keep a reading log. In the log, they should keep a list of the books that they read and the days they read them along with any other information you want them to provide.
    Each day, review the reading logs and give each student one star sticker for every book he or she has read.
    Kids can then put the stars up near their picture on the bulletin board. The more they read, the more stickers they get.
    As the month progresses, the bulletin board will be covered with stars and your class will have a physical representation of all that they read and what they have achieved.