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    Lesson plan for K-2: Create your own book club

    Resource by EducationHQ News Team

    A simple way to encourage reading and incorporate the MS Readathon in your classroom is to create a book club within your class (or a number of smaller groups).

    Here is an example of how powerful these clubs and groups can be in encouraging independent reading:

    Three fourth-grade girls—Angela, Janie, and Su Ling, of varying reading abilities—had decided to read Lois Lowry's Number the Stars together. They met every other day to discuss what they'd read and to decide how much to read next. Their predictions of what would happen next came naturally in the discussion, and the group worked to sustain the mighty efforts of Angela, who had to work hard to keep pace with the others.

    This "just for fun" book club was a student-organised, student-driven reading experience that built community in the classroom and encouraged students to read independently, taking responsibility for their literacy learning. This lesson describes how students can form their own book clubs, set ground rules that support community, and support one another’s reading efforts.