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    Lesson plan for K-2 – A Pocket for Corduroy

    Resource by EducationHQ News Team

    This lesson provides a model of reflection for students as they listen to stories, begin to read stories, and develop their own written stories.

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    Lesson details

    Uploaded The lesson can be used with any story; however in this case, the story of Corduroy allows for a personal connection by having students interact with a stuffed bear and write about their own adventures with Corduroy. Students listen to A Pocket for Corduroy and three other Corduroy stories and discuss the characters and plots. A letter to parents introduces a follow-up writing activity, in which a stuffed classroom "Corduroy" goes home with a different student each night. With parents' help, students write and illustrate a two- to three-sentence adventure story about Corduroy's stay with them, and share their stories with the class.