Evan Christian and Katherine Allsopp-Smith launched AGE School in Takapuna two years ago, after struggling to find an existing school which catered to their eldest son’s passion for robotics. 

The couple said tests showed their son Branson was "gifted", but they could not find a school in the country which offered robotics classes for younger students.

"Nothing we saw gave us the confidence that his experience would be any better than our own earlier experiences at school,” Katherine Allsopp-Smith told Stuff.

The new school building opening in 2020, will also be in Takapuna and will cater to more than 150 pupils.

Students will have access to a performing arts area, technology and science classrooms, a lounge, kitchen and workshops in the garage, as well as public facilities such as the library, the beach and pools in the area. 

"Takapuna is expensive but the public facilities such as pools, buses, libraries, playgrounds and beach make the location ideal for our curriculum,” Christian said.

At the school, students are able to go at their own pace, are taught robotics, digital music, and specialist science subjects. 

According to Principal Steve Mouldey, the school's growth was limited by its current space, as the school plans to teach a maximum of 180 students, which would result in 10 to 15 students per level.

"Ideally, we will have roughly the same number of students in each year level but as we are personalising the learning, the number of students in each age group does not have to be even as it is in traditional classrooms,” he told Stuff.

Parents will have the option to enrol their children into the school full-time or part-time and the tuition fees range from  $11,000 to $20,000 per year.

By the year 2021, the school will teach students from Year 1 to Year 13 and plans to offer scholarships to whose families cannot afford the tuition fees.