Secondary teachers received a second offer from the government yesterday, as part of their collective bargaining process.

It was discussed last evening with the executive of the PPTA, who, after a careful analysis, passed a recommendation that members reject the offer, according to a statement provided by the union.

“To be honest, it didn’t take us long to analyse the offer," PPTA president Jack Boyle said. 

"It is almost exactly the same as the last one.

"To say we are disappointed is an understatement.

“The offer was last-minute and half-hearted.

"We don’t understand why they bothered; they must have known our members will find it completely unacceptable," he continued.

He said teacher shortages and excessive workload impacted on teachers' ability to bring out the best for their students and the profession.

“There’s a real sense of frustration that there seems to be no genuine commitment from the government to solving supply, retention and workload issues.

“The government knows as well as we do how to fix those problems: better pay and working conditions.”

PPTA is holding mass meetings around the country for secondary teachers to discuss the offer, vote whether to accept or reject it, and figure out next steps with the first meetings being held today.

PPTA will release the result of the votes after all the meetings have finished.

The list of meetings and venues can be found here.