Ministry of Education Group Manager Ben O’Meara says the draft guidelines are intended to help those boards of trustees who wish to close their school or kura to allow religious instruction to take place, to do so in a way that complies with our education laws and human rights laws.

"The guidelines are also intended to protect the rights of students and their families and whānau to be free from discrimination based on their religious or non-religious beliefs," Mr O’Meara said.

The draft guidelines aim to:

  • make clearer to those school boards that choose to allow religious instruction in their school or kura, what their legal obligations are and how they can meet them
  • make clearer to children and their parents, caregivers, family and whānau what their rights are, and what they can expect from their school if it allows religious instruction to take place.

The draft guidelines and information on how to make a submission are available on the Ministry’s website

Submissions close on 7 December 2018.