The claim was the culmination of two years of consultation, research and discussion.

The executive claim includes a "significant pay rise" of 15%, an increase in non-contact time for full-time teachers, and an accommodation allowance for teachers in high cost areas.

Thirty-four meetings were held throughout the country for secondary teachers covered by the Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement.

“At each meeting robust and thoughtful discussion informed the debate," says PPTA president, Jack Boyle.

"The result of the vote shows that teachers have identified the solutions to the issues the profession is facing, and understand what can best be implemented through collective negotiations

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us as a country to get things right for every New Zealand child and the people who teach them," he adds. 

"The solutions are known, there is political support and budget surpluses are available.

"We hope the government will choose to use the money for the good of all New Zealanders.”

The PPTA executive will meet in August to finalise the claim and its negotiation team will begin meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Education after that.