Active learning has emerged as the foundation of all good instruction and Flipped Learning is the simplest path to active learning.

We invite you to FlipCon NZ 2018 to be held at Ormiston Senior College, Auckland on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September 2018.

In 2018 we will be “Flipping FlipCon”.

Prior to attending FlipCon delegates will have access to a 10-hour online training and certification course – Flipped Learning Certification Level 1.

This will provide you with fantastic learning, ideas and practical advice before attending the face-to-face conference. (If you have already completed the online course please contact us for a special offer)

On Day One of the conference delegates will delve deeply into practical, hands-on workshops we are calling Cohorts (The Individual Space).

In each Cohort you will work with a Flipped Learning certified trainer across a number of session times (4 hours in total) to create hands-on, practical resources to take back to school with you and use immediately.

The Cohort selections are:

  • Masterclass for Leadership & Professional Developers with Jon Bergmann
  • First-year Flippers with Aimee Shackleton
  • Flipped Mastery in Maths and Science with Steve Griffiths
  • Flipping in a Secondary Environment with Matt Lambert
  • Kia Maori Mai with Neke Adams
  • In-Flip (Primary) with Beth Lamb
  • Higher Education TBC

On Day Two you will select from break-out sessions that will focus on the Group Space (The Extra Time in Class).

Some of the break-out sessions are:

  • The Unique Challenges of Flipped Learning with Jon Bergmann
  • Moving to Mastery Learning with Aimee Shackleton
  • Team Based Learning in the Mastery Space with Sharon Henry
  • Flipping in a practical subject with Matt Lambert
  • Tech Tools – Flipping for International Students with Rachana Trivedi Tanna and Debbie Williams
  • Do we really need to reinvent the wheel or can flipped resources be scaled? with Steve Griffiths
  • Running an Inflipped Classroom with Beth Lamb
  • Using OneNote or Google Classroom to facilitate Flipped Mastery in the Classroom with Annelise Borger
  • Feedback and Meaningful Assessment with Jeremy Cumming

Program: Take a look at the comprehensive program

Register: Register now at Early Bird rates starting at just AU $295.00 for one day, AU $495.00 for two days (Group 2+) or AU $625.00 to attend the Masterclass with Jon Bergmann