Congratulations to this year's winners:

Leader - Denise Humphries, Whangarei Heads School, Whangarei

Teacher - Georgina O'Sullivan, Long Bay College, Auckland

Technology - Simon Christie, Selwyn House School, Christchurch

Support -  Jude Howie, Hornby High School, Christchurch

Thanks to all of the parents, students and school staff who rallied around their special nominees, showing enormous support. If you'd like to read the winning entries again, here they are.


Denise Humphries - Leader

Whangarei Heads School, Whangarei

Nominated by Miringa Silipa

Denise Humphries who I also refer to as my school mum, is more than a full time teaching DP in our school. She never says no, will take on everything to make it easier for other teachers because she knows we all have young children and she wants us to go home to them. She is selfless, hardworking, kind hearted, has a great sense of humour, has been an amazing mentor to me and anyone who comes into our school. She is an amazing teacher (NE - Y2), the children absolutely love and adore her, they even say they want to marry her!! Although she has been teaching for over 20 years she is continually looking at ways to improve her teaching and use up to date, new and innovative ways with her children. Not only does she teach full time in a classroom but she also has her responsibilities as a DP, and she does this and so much more. She will help anyone and everyone in the school and I see her push herself daily even if she has a small once of energy left in her she will give it to someone else. She doesn't ever expect anything in return but she is constantly giving so much of herself to others. I have never meet such a dedicated teacher, collegue, friend and school mum as I have in Denise.


Georgina O'Sullivan - Teacher

Long Bay College, Auckland

Nominated by Molly Davis

Gina is truly an unsung hero for her dedication to the students. She forges amazing relationships with the kids. She is approachable, caring and has this light hearted way with them. Gina flicks me emails late in the evening while she's prepping resources and planning courses. People - other teachers or senior administrators come looking for her help/expertise and we just direct them to her room where she can be found helping students. She never fails to go the extra mile for the kids. She cares about every one of them and takes a reformative approach to her deaning and now as a Director of Learning. Gina would rather rehabilitate kids than jump to a repercussion. All the while, Gina has a beautiful family and two wonderful kids who are shining examples of her love and good nature. Gina truly is an unsung hero.


Simon Christie - Technology

Selwyn House School, Christchurch

Nominated by Lyn Bird

He has developed a new curriculum area for years 1 - 8 called Mechatronics which combines mechanical engineering, mathematics, science, technology and the arts. He engages the students in real world, local problems to solve such as inventing a tool to help a tetraplegic.


Jude Howie - Support

Hornby High School, Christchurch

Nominated by Robin Sutton

Jude is our Community Support Worker. She works with students from Hornby High School, and their whanau, supporting student learning. She is often on the road by 6.30am in the morning visiting students and whanau, often bringing students to school to make sure they arrive on time. She works with parents in the home, supporting the development of parenting skills. She is proactive with regard to supporting whanau and learning, looking for opportunities to improve the lives of others. She regularly sources support from the business community with food donations in kind that she then distributes to students whose whanau may be struggling to feed their tamariki. She wins hearts and minds with her caring. It is in this tireless focus on improving the lives of whanau and students that she is perhaps most remarkable. Her honest and caring approach to whanau, her ability to never give up on students, her own 'unconditional love' for each and every one of them, marks her as someone making a profound difference to the lives of many, and to our community.