I will remember this year in education for ... the positive engagement of our membership in the Better Funding, Better Learning Campaign. Members from throughout the country were involved in activities that highlighted the need for a government focus on resourcing education properly. The fact that children were missing out because there was not enough funding was placed squarely in the public arena.

Our proudest achievements this year ... have been seeing National Standards dropped from primary education, the inroads we have made into pay equity for some of our most vulnerable members and to see the new Government committed to 100 percent qualified teachers in early childhood education.

I predict the biggest issue in the sector for 2018 will be ... to ensure that we can attract and retain teachers in the profession. Currently the situation is such that we are experiencing a shortage of teachers not just in our major cities but also in other areas. This issue is right through the sector – early childhood through to secondary.

Next year our priorities should be ... winning those things that will make a real difference to the quality of public education and meet the needs of all of our learners. Ensuring that we have 100% registered teachers in early childhood education, that we have the support staff we need to assist in meeting the needs of individual students and the operations of the school and  that we are able to attract and retain teachers in our schools and centres.