CHRISTCHURCH, Oct 7 - Christchurch "superhero" Flatman has the power to spread kindness, and he's been using his super power for the past six years. 

Now Flatman is trying get the support of Christchurch City Council to take his super power one step further, to educate children.

Flatman has been spreading kindness since the 2011 earthquakes struck, and he began dropping food packages off to those in need. 

"It's so important to bring it back to simple things like kindness and looking out for each other, a simple act of kindness might change someone's life," Flatman said. 

Flatman wants to deliver that message to as many children in Christchurch as possible.

He spoke at a Christchurch City Council meeting, to ask for support in creating a schoolprogram so he can continue to teach kids about kindness and generosity all through a superhero-styled package.

Flatman said he proposed that council could contribute funds towards his program, or could lead him in the right direction for assistance.

In the current world climate, Flatman said it's important to get into schools and emphasise how much kindness matters.

"I've spoken to 200 kids in one go... they were engaged and asking questions about ways they can be change makers in their community," Flatman said. 

"If I can expand on that, that would be really cool."

One of his biggest issues to speak with kids about, is social media. 

"Social media spreads a lot of negativity, and you see adults writing such horrible things to each other, and children are picking up on this," he said. 

"If I can open up discussions about this, it's beneficial for everyone."

Council staff will work with Flatman to see what the best options are moving forward for his educational program.