WELLINGTON, Sept 13 - The primary teachers union NZEI, the Principals Federation, Auckland Primary Principals Association and Waitakere Area Principals Association announced their plan on Wednesday.

"Attracting and retaining a range of great people with diverse backgrounds into teaching in Auckland must be a top priority to ensure children's learning doesn't suffer," they said.

The group believe that if nothing it done to address the teachershortage, many children will have their education compromised because of classroom overcrowding or lack of a permanent teacher.

There have been reports that the high house prices and rents in Auckland are making it impossible for many teachers to live in the city.

The plan is:

  • Make class sizes smaller in low decile schools by 2020 so that teachers have more time with children
  • Write off the student loans of teachers who commit to placement in Auckland schools and other hard to staff areas for 3 years
  • Let teachers teach rather than spending too much time over-assessing children
  • Increase teacher pay
  • Investigate making affordable housing for key public sector employees a priority in Auckland
  • Genuinely prioritise children with learning and behavioural needs
  • Give children with mental health needs access to High Health Needs (HHN) funding immediately
  • Increase the hourly rate for Ongoing Resourcing Scheme and HHN funding to $19 per hour
  • Commit to at least a 10 per cent increase in resourcing for Learning Support in Budget 2018
  • Fund special needs coordinators to meet the needs of every child in every school in Budget 2018.