With technology, learning is transformed into a fun activity for students - they will get more involved in classroom activities and collaboration will improve.

However, as much as technology can be positively transformative there are correct ways of using it so that you can get the desired results. You can do the following to enrich the learning experience using technology:

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to improve your students’ classroom experience. Your students can have lessons via video links from anywhere in the world. It is also a very good tool that your students can use to collaborate and interact with fellow students in other places, to learn of other experiences of their peers in other places.

Video games

Children love video games - what better tool to use for lessons in the classroom? There are many educational games that your students can use on mobile devices such as iPads and tablets; games on these devices enable students to keep track of their progress and allow them to compare their performance to those of their peers, and to achieve success before they can advance to the next level.

Collaborative exercises

Online technology on these devices can be used for collaborative class exercises; they are good for group work.  They come together in groups with their devices, especially where not everyone has a device of his or her own.

Social media

Social media is the 'in thing' for children today - they are spending more time on social media when they are not in class. So, why not bring social media to the classroom?

Use sites like Face book or Twitter to create classroom or learning groups for your class. Post class topics there for discussion even when the students have left class.

Social media will get them involved and allow them to interact more freely with one another, while sharing ideas and resources in whatever they are learning.

Video lessons

Using video lessons can work wonders with students; whatever is taught is made ever clearer when students access it through video and they will get the complete picture of what is being taught.

There are many academic learning videos that are already available to use, as well as online video resources that you can use to give your students a great learning experience. You will get relevant videos on sites like You Tube, Khan Academy etc.


Encourage your students to create and post blogs about the projects they are working on.

Blogs will allow student to share their work and progress, leave comments and make suggestions for each other. This kind of interaction and collaboration will encourage high quality work and improvement among students.


Podcasts are very good for creating and posting notes for students who want to access and review past lessons or for those who missed a lesson. They will just go to the podcast and catch up.

Technology will spice up your lessons and bring more cheer in the classroom by making the students more excited and interested in the lessons. You will nurture students who are more interactive, collaborative and more objective - they will be doing what they love!