The deputy principal of the school has been named EducationHQ's 2016 Unsung Hero in the Leadership category.

Malgas, an education stalwart of 32 years, was nominated for the award by Michelle Jadoo who says the deputy principal is dedicated, committed, hardworking, and a true hero in the community.

Of her recent accomplishments, Malgas has secured $60,000 worth of funding for a bicycle track to be built at St Mary’s, Jadoo says.

“The track also comes with 40 bicycles, 100 helmets, a fully fitted container for the bikes and some professional development for the teachers at our school, and the bike track will also be used by our local community after school hours and on the weekends.”

Malgas also negotiated funding for a professional cricket pitch to be laid on the school sports field, Jadoo adds.

Through all of the funding applications, negotiations and collaboration with various personnel, Malgas has continued to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences for her students, and has continued to lead staff through high quality professional development.

“All of this was done quietly, humbly and effectively.”

Much as she ticks things off her to-do list, Malgas says she strives to inspire her colleagues to have the confidence to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Integrity, honesty, being fair, candid and treating everyone in the same way she would want to be treated are important to the deputy principal, as well as is communicating and providing each teacher with complete and up-to-date information about the school goals, performance, successes and failures.

“As a leader I try to provide ample channels for two-way communication, actively soliciting teachers’ ideas for improvement and letting them know how much they are appreciated,” Malgas says.

After more than three decades in education, Malgas has seen many changes – both negative and positive - including the digital revolution in schools.  

“It is transforming teaching and learning in our schools and to help our schools become world leaders in digital education systems, the Ministry of Education should be providing each child with an IPAD/Chromebook instead of schools raising funds to purchase their own,” she says. ‘

Despite the ups and downs that occur in any career, Malgas has plenty reasons to remain in education.

“To teach a child how they may learn to grow independently, and for themselves inspires me; to teach them how to think, rather than what to think; and that it is okay to make mistakes because most of their learning comes from the mistakes they make is why I remain in education,” she says.

Aside from these reasons, her school and community believe she is a true unsung hero.