Boyle, who has taught English and drama for over a decade in Lower Hutt, says he has always been inspired by the incredible efforts teachers put in to make a difference for young people.

“Teaching is an amazing, rewarding and full-on job,” Boyle adds.

Boyle, who started as president in mid-January, has always had an interest in education, collectivism and social action.

“However, I have become more involved in union activism and education policy over the past three or four years as an executive member of PPTA, and subsequently as the junior vice president to Angela Roberts,” he says.

Elected annually, the PPTA president can serve up to four one-year terms.

Outgoing president Roberts served the maximum of four terms at PPTA before handing over the reins to Boyle, who has seen first-hand the trials and tribulations a president is subject to.     

“I'm really looking forward to working for teachers and students as president of PPTA for 2017, but I have no doubt it will be a challenge,” he says.

Education unions fight for what is good in the sector, and that is what Boyle says he wants to do as PPTA president.  

“I'm motivated to advocate for good education policy and to support the people who support kids in classrooms all over our country.”  

While PPTA has many objectives in 2017 under Boyle’s watch, some priority areas include getting rid of unnecessary bureaucracy, and removing barriers to recruiting, developing and retaining good teachers.

“In short, to create the conditions for good teaching to happen,” Boyle says.

“My goal in taking on this role is to ensure that teaching is a first choice sustainable career, well supported, appropriately resourced and focused on making a difference for every young person in Aotearoa.”