Name: Lyn Martin
School: Westbrook School, Rotorua

Lyn is the ICT specialist teacher in our school. She is a trained teacher but instead of having her own class, she works with children at all year levels, with technology.

She helps students and teachers in our computer suite, utilising her wealth of knowledge of educational programs and apps. She manages the devices in our classes and ensures they all do what they should when they should. (If anyone has a problem with technology, Lyn is our go-to person.)

Lyn also runs professional development for our teachers and support staff so that they can make the most of the technology available to us in the 21st century. Lyn runs the sound and lighting desk at our school assembly and is also a talented musician, leading our school band.

We would be lost without her expertise and talents. A lot of what she does is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed. This is why she is an unsung hero.


Name: Bill Boyes
School: Tahuna School, Tahuna

Bill is a leader within the specialist technology area at our school.  He leads digital technologies and has been a catalyst for change and innovation.


Name: Rob Hargreaves
School: Mission Heights Junior College, East Tamaki

Rob has mentored several of our teams of students to success in the IPENZ and Bright Sparks Competitions.


Name: Robyn Jamieson
School: Hillcrest High School, Frankton

Mrs Jamieson is a technology hero because she worked super hard this year to use technology during class like doing kahoots and the class really enjoyed it.


Name: Kevin Campbell
School: Marsden Whitby, Wellington

Kevin assists teachers at the school with installation of software and testing new apps for students and teacher use. He fixes computers and network issues while keeping a low profile. He also provides valuable advice for students buying new gear which is appreciated by them.