EducationHQ Jobs allows schools to promote vacancies directly to educators across digital, print and email platforms. 

The unique platform provides schools with the ability to target vacancies straight to primary and secondary school teachers and school leaders, and be included in EducationWeek and Australian Teacher Magazine free of charge. 

Schools have the option of applicants applying directly to a specific email address, or be redirected back to the employment page of their own website.

To celebrate this new offering, EducationHQ is offering schools the opportunity to gain free access to unlimited jobs for a limited time. 

Overseas schools looking to fill teaching roles can also take part in the new EducationHQ initiative.

To register your school's free access, simply complete the online form.

Call 1300 059 032

Or email job vacancies to: and our digital team will upload the job for you.

EducationHQ, the digital partner of Australian Teacher Magazine, continues to grow to offer enhanced services for schools and educators across Australia and New Zealand. 

The website already offers the latest in news for the education professional across policy, leadership, technology and careers. 

The portal also provides the education sector’s widest coverage of PD events, with listings from associations and organisations constantly being updated and made available to readers.

Schools, associations or other related organisations are able to upload any events, either directly by registering an organisation or by emailing the event to the digital team.

Our online directory is the largest education services directory available, and includes excursions, incursions, camps, school services and much more. 

Available across all categories and free of charge, organisations can create their own profile listings, upload events, resources and now jobs.  Some conditions apply for additional features and commercial organisations.

If you would like to suggest any future features or additions to EducationHQ, please email