A lot of schools we work with often find drill apps beneficial as they reinforce key skills and enhance what are sometimes pretty dull activities.

As engaging as they are, there’s a lot more that can be done with the device to enrich learning- some tools are easier to access and implement than you may think.

Here I consider what advice would have helped me when I first started.

These are my top tips for teachers looking to imbed this technology more meaningfully into the classroom.

  1. Create a teachers toolkit for yourself.

Become familiar with a handful of apps that you can use across multiple subjects.

These will become your go-to apps.

If you have one or two apps that don’t require the internet you will always have a fallback in case of any connection difficulties.

Some good examples of these would be Explain Everything and Book Creator.

2) Work on the understanding that even in lower primary, 95 per cent of your students will know more than you!

Embrace this and encourage a few gifted students to become your ‘tech experts’.

Encourage students to go to them first before they come to you!

They will work out apps incredibly quickly and will happily share their knowledge with you.

What could be better than teaching the teacher?

3) Get connected!

There are so many resources on social media.

 Think, for example, Pinterest, Twitter even various Facebook groups.

If you can imagine it, someone has probably already done it and shared it with the world.

 4) Use a form of classroom management tool such as SeeSaw or Showbie.

These apps allow students to upload work to the cloud directly, meaning you can keep a digital portfolio of their progress.

Using technology in the classroom can sometimes take teachers out of their comfort zone.

My final piece of advice is to keep experimenting, there is a wealth of incredible resources out there that will engage your students and revolutionise the way you teach.