With their new Author Club sessions, the school is taking an innovative approach to encouraging writing. But the club has also proved an effective in-class reward for students, according to teacher Ashley McPherson.

Teachers nominate one student from every class to attend, either for reaching a new literacy-based goal, or learning a new skill.
“They come to authors club in the library, which is facilitated by a senior staff member ... we introduce ourselves, and the students read their work to the group and we normally give them some positive feedback,” McPherson says.

“We might indicate that their attention to detail for the audience was really good or we really liked the way they used dialogue, or something specific about their writing, and then everyone gets a little clap...”

McPherson says inviting children to share their work gives them a sense of purpose and pride in their achievements.
“We’re really trying to promote children seeing themselves as authors and that there’s a purpose to writing, it’s not just about writing for the sake of it, someone’s going to listen to it and celebrate it.”