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    Principal Education Officer, Student Services

    Job Reference QLD/FNR262896/17
    Closing date December 21, 2017
    Location Cairns region
    Type Full-Time
    Status Temporary
    Contact (07) 4037 3868

    About this job

    Your key work of the role involves:

    • Working with school leaders and leadership teams to implement the Whole School Approach to curriculum provision that provides inclusive schooling practices for students with diverse learning needs including , but not limited to, students with disabilities, learning difficulties, giftedness, socio-economic disadvantage, ethnicity, aboriginality or social- emotional disorders.
    • Lead the development and implementation of capacity building methods for delivery of specialist services through the Advisory Teacher team which assist in the development of inclusive schooling practices for students with diverse learning needs. 
    • Provide leadership through promoting and monitoring curriculum implementation and evidence based pedagogical practices to effectively meet the needs of all students, including the special needs of social-economically disadvantaged students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students with learning difficulties and learning disabilities, students with disabilities and those who are gifted and talented and/or geographically isolated.
    • Provide professional supervision for Advisory Teachers to align the delivery of their work into the school support team.
    • Provide professional support for Heads of Special Education Services on the Whole School Approach including curriculum delivery, disability specific pedagogies and highly individualised curriculum.

    To apply please provide the following information:

    • a brief resume including contact details for 2 referees (one of whom should be your current supervisor)
    • a maximum 2 page written response outlining your suitability for the role referring to the key capabilities under “How you will be assessed”.  

    Applications remain current for 12 months from the closing date and may be considered for appointment to identical or similar vacancies within the Department.

    Applications from recruitment agencies will not be accepted.