Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education

A WORLD-CLASS COURSE AVAILABLE FOR YOU ONLINE This outstanding one-semester course, developed in New Zealand, continues to attract teachers from throughout this country, from Australia, and elsewhere. As one teacher wrote, “It is the best thing you can do for all your students, now and in the future. You will thank yourself over and over again for allowing this knowledge to make you a far better teacher for all students.”

Date July 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019
Time 9:00am - 5:00pm

This course has been designed to equip you with a range of thoroughly practical tools and strategies to help you work effectively with gifted learners, even in the busiest regular classroom.

It’s built round three interwoven themes, recognising gifted learners, understanding their different learning needs, and acquiring the teaching strategies which will meet these needs.

These three strands are linked together to form an in-depth exploration of how giftedness impacts on the student’s experience of learning and of daily life, and of how we as educators can respond to make that experience positive and productive.

For New Zealand and Australian teachers, the course itself starts in March and is delivered in fortnightly modules through till the end of September (apart from term holidays). For participants in other countries, individual schedules are arranged. Enrolments are open throughout the year, but please note we take only 45 enrolments at a time, so early enrolment is encouraged. 

New Zealand and Australian teachers have two options:

  1. Complete within the same school year: begin mid-March, end early October.
  2. Begin late July, at a quiet time of the year, complete identification section within one term, focus on teaching strategies in first term of following year.

For participants in other countries, we arrange individual schedules to fit your school terms.


  • 12 module course
  • continuous individual tutor support
  • strong practical focus
  • NZ Ministry accreditation [estab. 2006, winner 2017 US NAGC Professional Development Network Award]